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What is this about?

Neumate is a collection of local, independent online dating communities. Neumate Promoter (NMP) is a custom affiliate program created by us exclusively for rideshare drivers. It rewards drivers for displaying our sign to their passengers (like on the back of a headrest, for example) and generating promo codes to those passengers that request one (or more).

How do I boost my earnings while driving?

Simple. Display one of our signs (color | black & white) in your car and let your passengers ask for two complimentary Tokens. When they redeem it, they will be linked to you as a referral for a year. You earn 50% of your referral's first purchase, which currently averages over $35. We'll even send 2 printed, laminated and cut signs to you upon request so there is no expense or hassle to get started.

How easy is it to generate & deliver promo codes?

Your NMP console is sleek and generating up to 4 promo codes takes one tap. Your passenger then snaps a photo of your screen to save their code(s), which will be sized and displayed perfectly on your device. That's it -- with very little effort you have set yourself up to boost your earnings per ride. Many people have single friends, which is why NMPs can generate multiple promo codes per page, and this makes each passenger extremely valuable.

Promo codes work in all Neumate communities throughout the U.S. which means if your passenger is from out of town and/or has single friends and family members in different parts of the country, the promo codes are valid. It also allows our NMPs to move and travel freely.

What is Neumate?

Neumate is an online dating site with communities all over the United States. In addition to the info on our site, you can read more about us in this thorough review and article.

Why rideshare drivers?

It's a natural fit because of the relaxed, one-on-one setting that rideshare organically provides. It lets your passenger(s) request one or more codes from you without the need for any sales pitch or convincing from your end.

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